North Shore Tennis Courts

Are you the type of person who likes to stay active and interact with others who are motivated to do the same? If so, Northbrook Racquet Club provides tennis courts that allow you the option to play as often as you like. Even during the colder Illinois winter, we offer indoor tennis courts for our North Shore members. Non-members can also reserve time on the indoor tennis courts by stopping by Northbrook Racquet Club and pre-paying for available time.

North Shore Indoor Tennis Courts

North Shore is a term given to the cities on the Lake Michigan shoreline just north of Chicago. One of the earliest monographs dedicated to the North Shore was in 1910. If you’re looking to put in some court time then contact our office at Northbrook Racquet Club and reserve your time on our tennis courts. There are options for members such as joining leagues on our indoor tennis courts along with summer camps for family members. Invest in your health or the ones you love with indoor tennis at Northbrook Racquet Club.

North Shore Indoor Tennis

Northbrook Racquet Club is ready to help get you reserved for permanent court time on a seasonal basis for our tennis courts. Get the practice in that enables you to stay in shape on our indoor tennis courts. We offer cardio tennis which is a sociable group fitness class on a set tennis court for all ages and abilities. Good news is you can keep up your activeness and skill year round with our indoor tennis options. Contact Northbrook Racquet Club today by calling (847) 498-2520 and find out more information about how you can become a member!
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